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pr88 Skin Protection Cream

Skin protection cream - the classic product for oily, greasy and highly adhesive substances. Protects the skin when working with oil, grease, paint, graphite, soot, tar and bitumen products, dust, (PU) adhesive, artificial resins, polyester, silicone masses, mineral fibres etc.

Simply clean hands! Rub in pr88 before starting work. After working, wash hands with a little water and the dirt will be removed together with the pr88.

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pr88 Liquid Line

pr88 Liquid Skin Protection Fluid

Liquid Skin Protection Fluid: Protects the skin against contact with oily and greasy dirt as well as paint, lacquer, graphite, soot, tar, adhesives, artificial resins, polyester and silicone etc.

Ideal for mobile use!

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Multi Protect Skin Protection Lotion

Multi skin protection lotion - protects the skin during work with oil, grease, soot, dust, tar, silicone, damp dirt and in case of contact with water.

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Aqua Protect Barrier Cream (aka pr99)

Aqua Protect Skin Protection Lotion

Skin protection lotion - protects the skin when working in damp and wet areas, e.g. with water, cooling lubricants, when processing food, gardening, in the health care sector etc.

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Rath's UV Protect

UV Protect Skin Protection Lotion

UV skin protection lotion - protects against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation in strong sunshine and from artificial radiation sources, e.g. electric arcs generated during electric welding – water-resistant, LPF 20

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Rath's Facial Protect

Facial Protection Cream

Facial protection cream - protects against paint spray mist. Prevents the paint from adhering to the sensitive facial skin – easy to wipe off with a cloth.

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Rath's sweat protect ach

rath's Sweat Protect

Skin protection gel - protects against skin softening due to the build-up of moisture when wearing protective gloves. Reduces sweating, tones the skin – unperfumed

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Rath's Care Medium cream

Care Medium Skin Care Lotion

Hand and body care lotion for normal skin - pr2000 is a highly absorbent lotion containing a large percentage of active skin caring ingredients which support the regeneration of stressed skin

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pr88 1.6 litre dispenser

PR Series Dispensers

Dispensers for your PR product.Find a convenient a suitable dispenser for your pr-product.

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